Past Projects

Network Data Analytics & Diagnostics

Network analytics PoC, used for data collection and analysis from live networks was one of the interesting projects I worked on. The amount of detailed data available in the networks is massive. It is very interesting, in the mean time very hard to make sense of the available data, detect causes of failures, and predict failures in advance.

Resource Utilization in Wireless Networks

Increased capabilities of handheld and mobile devices using online  services is increasing the mobile data usage. The rate of this increase is incomparably higher than that accommodated by network capacity upgrades. Therefore, despite the higher availability of networks and faster upgrades, effective utilization of available resources is essential to keep up with the increasing mobile data demands. I have worked on a number of projects in wireless access and mobile networks to enhance usage of available capacity.

WiFier Network

I designed a network for monetization of excess WiFi capacity and proved feasibility with 1.7% of resources in target areas, developed a simple MVP, and led user behaviour analysis, and go to market strategy. I failed to build WiFier as a company and left it very early-stage despite investment interests, first place in SEY JumpStart, and finalist in SFU SEY startup competitions for a personal reason.

Novel Design

I started Novel Design by web and graphic design for friends and family as a hobby in 2004. It grew to leading outsourced design and delivery of marketing and online presence projects for 20+ clients from different sectors, including manufacturing, construction, and health care. I left Novel Design to move to Canada to start my PhD.