Touch of Gold

I had a dream that I have the touch of gold. I got up immediately and remembered the story of King Midas and his touch of gold: “King Midas was the king of Lydia. He was very rich and very kind, but he was obsessed with Gold. One day the god of wine, returned his favor by granting him a wish: the touch of gold. But the granted wish turned to be more of a curse than a blessing and made his life impossible. Finally, he found the solution: to wash his hand in the Pactolus river. Tons of gold flew off his hand and he finally got rid of the touch of gold. The curse broke when he learned how to use that special power, and the answer for him was ‘sharing’.”

Then it came to me: everyone possesses a kind of a touch of gold, whether it is an impression, a positive energy, resilience, hard work, brains,… It is learning what to do with it that turns it from being a curse to an effective gadget, for our own and others’ happiness… However, discovering the answer might take a while, and we might bang our head to the walls and suffer through it… But anyone could find their own right answer if looking for it.

From my old blog (Breathing Fine), June 23, 2016

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